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You have arrived at my author profile blog. 

Her you will find some of my recent poetry, along with details of my books, prose, awards and a summary of my doctoral research.

These pages are intended as a 'work in progress'. Updates of recent publications will be posted in the news page.

Some recent poetry is below. 

All images are my own artwork.

I hope you take the time to read the pages, follow the links and enjoy the poetry...


recent work 

'List of what to take when the fire arrives', Westerly - from the editor's desk #authorsforfireys, March 2020
'When the first rain comes' Australian Poetry Anthology 8, Guest eds. Melinda Smith and Sandra Saleh, Australian Poetry, 2020
'The Yass Fossils', 'Axon: creative explorations' 9(2) Issue 'Living in the World: Creativity, Science, Environments', Dec. 2019

'Eulogy: a reef', Not Very Quiet, Issue 5 - Earth Poems, Nov. 2019

'Aubie: Kokoda: 1988' and 'Near Exmouth: lightning strike Yardi creek' and others,  Meniscus Issue 6(2), 2018

‘SIEV221 File Note: to mothers waiting’ in Australian Poetry Anthology 6, Guest eds. Jill Jones and Bella Li, Australian Poetry, 2018

'south australia', uneven floor poetry   Feb 2019
‘Processing Afghan Asylum Seekers’Westerly online 2: new creative Sept. 2016 

Murrumbidgee River valley


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